This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.

A Side Flip or Sideflip is a type of flip done to the side, used in tricking, freerunning, and occasionally Parkour. It is similar to a sideways roll.


  • Double leg Looks very similar to the sideflip, but preformed with straight legs and with different technique.
  • Tunnel flip A side-flip preformed while moving forwards, rather than to the side.
  • Double sideflip Two consecutive sideflips made without touching the ground. A very advanced move.
  • Inward wall sideflip A sideflip preformed off a wall, with the upper body rotating towards the wall.
  • Outward wall sideflip Similar to an inward wall sideflip, only with the upper body rotating away from the wall.
  • Webster sideflip A sideflip executed off one foot where the other is lifting up to create the rotation. Technique is similar to inward sideflip

Uses in ParkourEdit

While its uses are limited, the sideflip is one of the few flips that can be used in Parkour. It can be used to get over small obstacles (especially those on which normal vaults cannot be used, such as bushes), and it can be useful if one falls from a height (as to land on one's feet).Brian is awsome!!!


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