This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.

The Safety Tap is a type of landing. It is often used for smaller drops and when rolling is not possible.

Technique Edit

As always, land on the balls of the feet. Have your feet about shoulder width apart. Bend the knees to absorb the impact. Do not let your knees "out" (when your heels hit your butt), and keep your knees above or slightly behind your toes (it is fine if your knees go slightly forward of your toes, but don't let them go too far). Make sure the knees are pointing in the same direction as the toes. Keep your back straight; do not arch or curve it, and maintain your lumbar curve. Place your hands down on the ground (not too hard), and use them to push off and keep running.

Warnings Edit

  • Don't take big drops before you are ready. You must have good technique, conditioning, and flexibility.
  • Don't take too many high drops.
  • Try to land silently and avoid having your shoes make a slapping sound, as this means you are not properly distributing the impact.

Video Edit