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The Lache is parkour or freerunning move used to swing off of a bar or branch. After swinging the traceur can grab onto another bar or branch, or land in a precision, crane or cat.

Technique Edit

  1. Hang on a bar or a branch
  2. Try to balance foward and backwards by moving your legs foward and backwards
  3. Once you're balancing, gain momentum by going backwards
  4. Balance foward and when reaching the fowardest point, realease your hands
  5. Now, if you want to land on a second bar, extend your arms to grab it and continue balancing. If you just want to land in any other place, use the landing technique you prefer, such as a crane, a cat, etc.


Lache Parkour Tutorial - How to swing from a bar (Jesse La Flair)10:07

Lache Parkour Tutorial - How to swing from a bar (Jesse La Flair)

Lache tutorial

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