The Kip Up also called the Flip Up or Kick Up is a movement used in tricking. Originating in martial arts, it consists of kicking up from a supine position to a standing position. The hands are often placed beside the ears to push off with.


  • No-handed kip up The hands are not used to push off with. While generally considered harder, some actually find it easier than the regular kip up.
  • Rolling kip up A combination of a somersault (not a roll) and a kip up. Rather than rolling forward onto the feet, a kip up is performed immediately following the roll.
  • Rubber band kip up Similar to a back handspring, except the arms and legs are bent to assume the kip-up position.
  • Prone kip up A kip up preformed from a prone (face down) position. The legs are kicked down and the hands are used to push off with, propelling the body upwards and then landing on one's feet.
  • Starfish kip up, rising windmill, or spin up The legs are swung in a rotational motion, and the practitioner rolls onto the shoulders with the hands placed by the head. The hands are then used to push off; this combined with the momentum of the legs should be sufficient to get onto one's feet.