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A Traceur using a Precision leap to get over a gap.

A jump is an explosive movement upwards with enough power to cause the body (in this case the practitioner) to become airborne. Jumps are one of the most common movements in Parkour, Freerunning and tricking, as they are used for clearing obstacles and distances in the former two and to give enough time in the air for a flip in the latter two.

Types of jump in ParkourEdit

  • Precision jump A standing jump from one point to another. Can be combined with almost any type of landing.
  • Precision leap A leap from a run-up into a precision landing (that is, one a precise spot). Again, can be combined with almost any type of landing.
  • Stride A series of leaps in one fluid motion.


While the specific application of a jump varies, some factors always remain the same. The knees and hips should not be bent too far before jumping (usually no more than 45 degrees). The knees should not go too far forward and the lumbar curve should be maintained. The calves should be flexed to point the toes, and the arms should be used for momentum.

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