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This article is about a movement which can be dangerous if preformed incorrectly or without proper preparation. Perform this movement with caution.

A Dyno is an advanced technique used in climbing in which the practitioner leaps from a hanging position and grabs a higher ledge. Edit


  1. be hanging on a ledge to start out, with your feet on the wall. Make sure thier is another ledge above you.
  2. pull up with your arms do a semi-climb up so that your head is above your hands, and your feet are right below your hand
  3. using the momentum of your pull up, push off with one or both of your feet(depending on how high you would like to go).
  4. as you go up grab onto the next ledge.
  5. If you miss then grab onto the ledge you were just hanging on as you fall down.
  6. once the preferred ledge is grabbed. prepare to perform another dyno or pull your self up to the top.


  • This is a very dangerous move, as there is a high risk of not catching the ledge and falling. Do not attempt this move over a high drop and/or a hard surface.